Welcoming the New Year with House Inspections from Check Home

Friday 21 December 2018, 1:34PM
By Beckie Wright

There are many reasons why a home needs to be renovated for the coming year. Your home could have suffered from storms and other rough New Zealand weather conditions, or it could also just be due for regular repairs and maintenance to be done in the coming year. Whatever the reason behind it is, house inspections in Wellington are better done during the holiday season due to the sunny weather.

Some of the focus falls on creating a ‘green’ home. People check on areas where cooling and heating may be uneven, finding holes that let heat outside and lets the cold in. There are others who suggest switching old, inefficient lighting for environmentally-friendly bulbs. Less energy consumption also means keeping energy bill payments down.

House inspections are also easier when done by a professional building inspector as they’re better able to check details that may be invisible to an untrained eye. From missing shingles and even roof replacements, to the different structural elements and ventilation systems, building inspectors can make necessary home checks and advise homeowners for any replacements or repairs that need to be done.

Inspecting your home is best done when the weather is still warm. It is much easier to implement repairs in the summer compared to the rainy season (although it would be easier for some to spot holes when water is dripping from them!).

Celebrate the New Year with a properly-maintained and newly-renovated home free of problems. Let Check Home, professional building inspection company, do the inspections for you!

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