Divers Group Gets ISO 9001 Certification

Friday 21 December 2018, 11:09PM
By Beckie Wright

IT logistics company Divers Group has achieved its ISO 9001 certification. The company specialises in the logistics of the delivery, deployment, relocation and retirement of IT systems and has been working towards cementing its strong reputation and performance with the ISO certification.

In order to get the certification Divers focused on documenting processes and procedures followed by ensuring that these processes are followed. The staff are trained in these processes to ensure they provide a consistent, reliable service to the clients when handling IT hardware, regardless of which Divers team member handles the equipment.

“The systems that are put in place encourage a) continuous improvement of existing processes and b) development of new services such as our Inventory Management software that can be tailored to suit the customer requirement where a single monthly report can provide visibility of where the client's inventory is, all accessible, 24/7 via the Divers Group web portal,” a company spokesman said.

The ISO certification is an internationally recognised standard. It allows businesses to gain better control over its processes and better performance. This provides clients and stakeholders the confidence that they are dealing with a reliable organisation.

While Divers Group takes care of their clients’ logistical work, this allows the clients to carry on with their core.  This includes the logistical tasks of getting the right computer, properly configured and set up, to the right desk at the right time. They also manage end-of-life tasks such as collection, decommissioning, secure data erasure and ethical disposal. Divers work to accurately and efficiently manage tasks in a cost-effective manner.

With IT commissioning and deployment Divers can upgrade and downgrade hardware. They can load and image software. They can consolidate and prepare items for delivery (reducing packaging and freight costs). They can record and supply asset information via an online tracking system. For relocations they can disconnect, pack and move from one location and reinstall at another.

Divers has over 30 years experience in  providing these services to corporates, government departments, universities and IT companies throughout New Zealand. Divers’ capabilities include freight, storage, a centralised technical workshop, on-site set up, decommissioning, IT asset remarketing, e-waste, recording and reporting. 

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