Urgencies & Emergencies Greatly Speed Up the Way Patients Find a Dentist

Friday 21 December 2018, 11:52PM
By Beckie Wright

Dental Emergencies are mostly associated with acute dental pain, and trying to organise an emergency dental appointment, either with your regular dentist or from another available dentist can be an added stress. At Urgencies & Emergencies they have simplified the way you can search for an available dentist. With a single click, your Auckland or Christchurch search will highlight available dentists who can help with your urgent dental needs. You can also have the ability to make an on-line booking, if the dental practice chosen provides this option.

Urgencies & Emergencies’ aim is to ensure that your dental emergency is attended to soonest, by an available dentist near you. Their mission is to provide an efficient link for patients with urgent healthcare needs, to connect to health practitioners, who are able to help manage their needs soonest.

The Urgencies & Emergencies platform allows patients to identify with certainty, which practitioner has the capacity to attend to them as early as today or tomorrow. Patients seeking appointments, can eliminate the need for trial and error calling, from scrolling through options presented on search engines. The platform allows a search methodology that is focussed, efficient and easy to use.

At Urgencies & Emergencies they also believe that the expertise offered by health professionals can be maximised, with the help of technology, by the general public. This is attained by providing the ability for health professionals to utilise realtime on-demand advertising via their technological product.

They also aim to transform how practitioners reach out to potential patients and how patients with urgent needs may attain the help they need, easily. It's a technological transformation that they are hoping society can embrace. Their aim is to simplify and greatly speed up the way patients find and book a dentist, with the service mapping the location of practitioners in a given area and highlighting those with available appointments, so for more information on emergency dentists, 24 hour dentists and weekend dentists please go to .