Allegion Australia Offer a Variety of Services

Saturday 22 December 2018, 1:26AM
By Beckie Wright

Being a market leader, Allegion Australia offer a variety of services and advice to the construction industry to ensure hardware is made easy. You can contact their team for help on your next project, whether its big or small, to access their Building Partnership Program and keying systems and their free training and scheduling services.

At Allegion they help keep people safe and secure where they live, work and visit, and with more than 27 brands sold in almost 130 countries across the globe, they specialise in security around the doorway and beyond. With everything from residential and commercial locks, door closers and exit devices, steel doors and frames to access control and workforce productivity systems, Allegion offer a wide range of products and services.

While mechanical hardware is the foundation of their business and will always be at the core of what they do, they recognise that the future of the security industry lies in addressing the needs of an increasingly connected world. Electronic solutions don’t replace their mechanical products – they make them more powerful, which is why their core strength in mechanical security, when combined with digital, mobile and interconnected electronic solutions – and their expertise in style and design – makes them a leader in their markets.
At the core of their US$2.4 billion business is the knowledge and experience of the 9,500 dedicated employees behind their brands, helping their customers navigate their toughest security challenges. They also help builders and property owners differentiate themselves by providing innovative and secure solutions. Operational excellence is a key part of what they do for their customers, and is a focus for their employees, and their trained specification writers and experts not only help their customers adhere to codes and standards, they help advocate for and raise those security standards in the first place, in markets around the world.

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