A New Year's resolution worth keeping

Monday 31 December 2018, 10:55AM
By Undertow Media NZ

With the turn of a new year comes promises from many to reinvent, refresh and renew with a set of personal goals. For a New Year’s resolution with sticking power, YMCA is offering up a “two birds, one stone” solution worth keeping.

“Without even realising it, YMCA’s fitness centre members give back to the community through their membership fees,” says YMCA CEO Julian Baldey.

All profit made from YMCA fitness centres is funnelled back into a number of charitable community programmes run by the YMCA like its Fee Assistance programme.

“We work to make healthy lifestyles accessible to everyone. If someone wants to join YMCA but is restricted by costs, we offer a Fee Assistance programme to make it possible,” says Julian.

YMCA also contributes to the community through its youth development programme, Raise Up.

Raise Up was founded in 2002 as a way to help young people grow, develop and reach their full potential through a full calendar of events, workshops and activities. YMCA has continued to invest more than $350,000 each year to deliver Raise Up in 11 locations across Auckland and Hamilton.

“We have our paying members to thank for what we are able to do for young people and families in our community,” says Julian.

“Our Fee Assistance and Raise Up programmes run throughout the year and we also hold annual Family Camps to give deserving people a much-needed break.”

YMCA’s Family Camp is a fully funded, cabin-based camping experience for families, held at the not-for-profit’s Camp Adair site.

“Some families attend for relief from hardship and others come along to reconnect with each other as a family unit,” says Julian.

According to a 2017 YouGov poll1, health and wellness are top priorities for January with 37 per cent citing “get more exercise” as their top resolution.

“Whether it’s yoga, a weights session with a personal trainer, a game of basketball or a swim, YMCA fitness and recreation centre members are doing more good than they realise. It’s a good feeling knowing your own health and wellbeing is also helping your community,” says Julian.