Start 2019 With Effective Cleaning Solutions In the Hospitality Industry With Proquip

Monday 14 January 2019, 2:48PM
By Beckie Wright

Summer is always a very busy time in the hospitality industry, and you need all the hours in the day just to keep your business humming, and your premises looking sparkling clean.  Cleaning can take up a big part of your budget, and your time, so it makes sense to consider a professional answer to your cleaning requirements.

Proquip offer a wide range of equipment to achieve effective cleaning solutions  in the hospitality industry. They meet strict industry regulations with the right cleaning equipment to keep your establishment sparkling, your floors accident free and your customers impressed.

Moving tables, picking up napkins, cleaning around furniture is effortless with back pack vacuums, making for a quick cleanup every time. These vacuums feature high level filtration and additional motor protection for areas where accidental suction of liquid may occur. 

With Proquip’s floor scrubbers, you can ‘swap the mop’ for a more efficient floor scrubber to maintain cleaner, safer, drier floors on a regular basis. You can also clean up spills quickly with the cordless option, whilst its compact design is ideal for manoeuvring in small spaces

Mobile cleaning carts are a real timesaver and convenient to use, and are the classic helper for busy people in busy, high profile environments.  They are very easy to manoeuvre, especially in congested areas, whilst keeping all your cleaning equipment together.

Proquip carries only the best leading international brands sourced from leading commercial and industrial-grade manufacturers. With Proquip solutions comes the peace of mind that you are using branded products that represent the very best in design, innovation and manufacturing quality and that all products are proven internationally, so for more information on carpet cleaners NZ, commercial cleaning equipment suppliers and floor polishers please visit the website at .