Local Private Cancer Clinic Open in Whangarei – Canopy Cancer Care

Monday 14 January 2019, 7:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Northland cancer patients seeking private cancer treatment can now receive world class care and treatment at a new Whangarei clinic. Canopy Cancer Care has established the clinic to provide cancer patients in the Northland area the option of receiving their care and treatment from a dedicated team of local oncologists.

The new clinic aims to reduce travel time for those patients who otherwise would have travelled to Auckland to receive their care and treatment. The cancer journey can be very hard and has many challenges for patients, their caregivers and their families.

Canopy Cancer Care have opened their new Whangarei clinic, knowing that for many cancer patients, travelling to receive treatment and being away from family is a major challenge.

Local medical oncologists, Dr Lisa Dawson, Dr Vince Newton and Dr Abbey Wrigley are experts in the cancer areas of breast, kidney, bladder, lung, melanoma, gastro-intestinal and gynaecological. The services being offered at the new Canopy clinic provide patients with choice in their treatment and complement the Whangarei public hospital by offering cancer drugs and therapies not currently available through the public health system.

Being local means Canopy’s oncologists can work closely with Whangarei hospital cancer centre, local specialists, surgeons, physicians and GPs to provide patients with the best possible health outcomes.

The Canopy Whangarei team are supported by the Canopy Auckland and Tauranga clinical specialists who are some of the top oncologists in their field. Canopy Whangarei is located in the Eye Specialist Clinic at 19 Kamo Road, Regent.

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