Bathroom Direct Reflect on The Advantages of Wall Hung Vanities

Wednesday 16 January 2019, 3:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Choosing between a wall-mounted vanity and a freestanding vanity is one of the key decisions you’ll make when planning the design of your bathroom, but which style is right for you? Bathroom Direct have some ideas on the advantages of a wall hung vanity, including the fact that it makes the room look and feel bigger, and less cluttered. You can also adjust the installation position to suit the users, and it makes for much easier cleaning of the bathroom. Also consider that spilt water drips to the floor and is cleaned up, rather than sitting damaging the cabinet of a floor mounted vanity.

A wall-hung vanity is a perfect choice if you want to create clean, crisp lines in your bathroom. Their sleek, modern looks coordinate perfectly with contemporary décor schemes, making a wall-hung vanity a highly fashionable and contemporary choice. As a wall-hung vanity doesn’t go right to the floor, more of the tiles can be seen in your bathroom. Many people appreciate this as tiles are one of the most expensive elements of your bathroom design. Naturally, you want them to be seen as much as possible!

As a wall-hung vanity doesn’t have legs so it’s super easy to clean underneath. With full access to the flooring under your wall-hung vanity, it’s a simple matter of running a broom, vacuum or mop across and you’re done. There are also fewer places for hair and grime to get trapped, ensuring that your bathroom vanity always looks clean and sparkling.

If you have a smaller bathroom, the fixtures and fittings you choose are key to creating the illusion of more space. A wall-hung vanity works particularly well for this purpose. As it doesn’t touch the floor, it creates an unbroken line of floor space, which automatically makes the room look larger.

A wall-hung vanity doesn’t just offer storage space inside. The space beneath the vanity and the floor is also handy for storing relatively flat bathroom essentials which won’t be damaged by being stored on the floor. This makes it the perfect spot for your bathroom scales. They can be neatly tucked out of sight most of the time, and conveniently brought out whenever you need to check your weight.

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