Great Recommendation From DC Builders' Clients

Wednesday 16 January 2019, 6:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Sam and Fiona recently undertook a renovation of their property in Paraemoremo Road, and when the project was completed they were asked why they chose DC Builders. Fiona replied, “DC Builders were recommended by a friend who has worked in the building centre for a long time, so we contacted Mel and it was just really easy, right from the beginning. He came out and gave us an estimate and we went through the options, and we decided to go with them.

“Because we were doing a renovation we decided not to go with a fixed price. Instead, each week Mel would send us a breakdown of all the builders’ hours and the sub-contractors’ costs, so we could see financially exactly where we were throughout the build, and he just added a margin on top of that, which we thought was fair, and it was a really good way of doing it.”

Sam agreed. “Absolutely. I think as well it was quite transparent, so we saw the same invoices he saw from the sub-contractors, and we saw all the invoices from the materials to the labour, so it worked out really well for us. So, the extension basically gave us an extra two bedrooms and a new sitting-room and a playroom for the kids. With the arrival of the twins we needed a four-bedroom house, not a three-bedroom house.”

Fiona went on, “So, we were doing a renovation with three pre-schoolers, and lots of people said to us, it’ll be a nightmare, so disruptive, it’ll be really difficult, and it was through winter as well. But, actually it was a real breeze, right from the beginning. The guys arrived every morning at 7.30, got straight into it. It progressed a lot quicker than we thought it would do.”

Sam then said, “I think from my side, not really being involved on a daily basis, was to see how stress free it was for Fiona. She hardly ever called me up – no real issues, so from my side of things the guys did a great job and managed to keep a lot of stress out of it for us which was great. Communication was great. Mel was very good at getting back to emails.”

Fiona chimed in, “The App was really good too. We could see the whole schedule laid out for us – exactly what happened on what dates, that sort of thing. That was really good.” When asked what tips they would give to other people, Sam recommends, “Do your research, do your due diligence, and get a builder you feel comfortable with, and once you find that, everything just flows from there.”

Fiona agreed, “They were just a really great crew. It was really nice for us and we were really happy to have them around the house”. Sam concluded, Having the cost price model, everything was very open and up front, so it was a nice smooth process.” Finally, Fiona finished, “They did exactly what we wanted and they did a really lovely job. We just absolutely loved it.”

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