Some Great New Year Ideas From Digital Signs

Thursday 17 January 2019, 2:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Digital Signs, the leading media and communications experts in digital signs, LED screens and billboard solutions have some great ideas for your 2019 signage requirements, including a special digital solution that allows you to click your mouse and communicate with your prospective customers from your social media outlets.

As well as outdoor and portable Digital Signs allow you to up-sell to them while they are in your store using their clever indoor video walls and advertising to influence them in a very subtle way to the benefits of what you offer.

In its purest form a digital sign is a super-sized version of your LED television at home. It can be large enough to cover the entire side of a building, or small enough to go on the end of a shopping isle. Either way, it is how they allow you to talk to your prospective customer as they go about their business and grow your sales.

Digital billboards are capable of displaying anything you can develop on a computer, be it video, pictures, animations, or just plain text. This is especially useful if your business delivers constantly updated information - your sales message will be enhanced by the power of dynamic digital signs.

Digital Signs offer fully serviced long-term leases or no deposit 'rent-to-buy' options in a customisable range of sizes, portable or fixed, with the total solution to your DOOH (Direct Out of Home) marketing. They listen to your Marketing Plan, identify your Target Market Demographics, then advise you on the best options to maximise Conversion.

If you are buying or leasing our hardware Digital Signs are a 'one stop shop,' assisting you from Resource Consent, supply and installation, ongoing maintenance, and maximising the advertising revenue on your digital screens.Through their sister company Digital Advertising they can attract advertisers for you, create the ads (using their in-house Graphic Design Team) and schedule the content.

After another great year, Digital Signs wish all of their customers a very Merry Xmas and happy New Year, and advise they will have a light team on over Xmas for any needs, and for more information on digital signage, billboard solutions NZ and LED screens please go to .