Designing Websites is What They Do At THEIA

Thursday 17 January 2019, 6:13PM
By Beckie Wright

THEIA design websites which are specifically developed for different organisations, and each work is designed specifically to their client’s requirements and specifications. Every website needs to be highly customised to fit for the right purposes, so in order to help them better understand your needs they have an online quiz, so that they an get an idea of which form of website design will be best suited to your requirements.

THEIA design and develop a range of different websites for their clients, starting with the mini website. This mini website focuses on providing very basic information about your company, upcoming events, promotions, and any products and services you might want highlighted. THEIA’s postcard websites are used to communicate a single, strong message that leads to you, and a typical postcard website should have three to five pages, static webs using HTML, and responsive website design.

Similarly, an advertising website provides your visitors with basic information about your company, what you do and your contact details, This style of website is different from a ‘Postcard website’ as it is a dynamic website which uses PHP, which means that you are able to manage and edit the content on your website.

A typical advertising website should also have three to five pages, responsive website design, a back-end management system, technical training and a one year free domain name.

THEIA also custom make websites for their clients, and a typical custom made website should have customised website design, a back-end management system, a one year free domain name, a product database and technical training.
Likewise an E-Commerce website. Online shopping is extremely popular so investing in an E-Commerce website is very beneficial if you are looking to sell online. THEIA have the technology, knowledge and experience to create professional E-Commerce solutions for your business, and will walk you through the process, from building your online store to payment solutions and how to establish your business account.

Their Web Designer will ensure your website is 100% safe and encrypted, and they will configure the security-shopping cart, set up your product and prices, in other words they will handle all of the technical details. This type of website will also contain a customers register, online payment solutions and technical training.

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