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ARCH (Auckland Regional Charity Hospital)Provides Free Elective Cataract Surgery
Tuesday 22 January 2019, 6:24PM
By Beckie Wright

ARCH provides much needed pro bono cataract surgery to people have been denied public hospital cataract surgery. ARCH has been running for eight years and provides a range of free elective surgery and medical outpatient clinics. It operates out of established private facilities which allow its volunteer surgeons to use their operating theatres either at cost or at no charge.

Cataract patients turned down for public hospital surgery and unable to fund their own can now have their cataracts treated for free thanks to the generosity of surgeons working under the umbrella of the Auckland Regional Charity Hospital (ARCH).

Optometrists, GPs and ophthalmologists can refer qualifying patients to ARCH for consideration for free cataract surgery, provided they have evidence of having been denied access to public hospital cataract surgery, have a visually-significant cataract with a compassionate need for cataract surgery (eg. have lost, or are about to lose their drivers licence, will soon be unable to work, etc.) and  have no possibility of affording private cataract surgery.

Auckland ophthalmologist Dr Trevor Gray is championing the cause and trying to muster up support from ophthalmology and optometry colleagues across New Zealand. ARCH is inviting cataract surgeons throughout the country to consider offering 20 minutes of their time and skills pro bono to help needy cataract patients in the convenient and familiar environments of their own cataract theatres, he said.

“Just imagine what a positive impact this could have if the majority of ophthalmologists offered to help just one such cataract patient in their community every month! Patients who have qualified and received pro bono cataract surgery under ARCH support have understandably been hugely appreciative and so very grateful to ARCH and all the individuals (nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons) who have made this a life-changing reality for them.”

“I have long been in awe of so many of my ophthalmology and optometry colleagues who have donated their skills and time to benefit others for no financial (but meaningful personal) return. One only needs to look at VOSO, EyeCare for Africa, Fred Hollows Foundation and similar philanthropic activities to see what I mean.”

As a charitable trust ARCH is entirely dependent upon volunteers and donations for its survival. To find out more, to refer qualifying cataract patients or to get involved, visit  and for more information on eye specialists Auckland, laser eye surgery Auckland, corneal transplant surgery and eye doctors please go to INDEX