Get Financially Fit With enableMe in 2019

Thursday 24 January 2019, 8:08PM
By Beckie Wright

Ah! Those New Year Resolutions! Most of us take stock at the beginning of the year, and losing weight and getting fit are usually at the top of our ‘to do’ lists. Whether we actually stick to our resolutions throughout the rest of the year is a moot point, but at least we make them! Similarly, with our ‘blown out’ financial situation; all that Christmas and holiday spending has now come to roost.

Apparently a measly 8% of New Year resolutions are kept, so it seems to be no easy task to rein in our budget or your belt (or both)! enableMe’s Hannah McQueen says, “You need to answer a couple of key questions in order to be successful in getting financially fit. 1. How bad are things now? 2. What can I do to improve things? And 3. Why am I doing this?

As McQueen explains, you need allow room for things that you enjoy and make your life better. It might be having a daily coffee, a nice dinner out or an annual holiday - you need to work out what those important things are that make you happy. Crucially though, you also need to work out what you’re spending money on that doesn’t improve your life.

Unfortunately, we are all prone to ‘frittering away’ an alarming amount of money, without even knowing where it goes, so this is an area worth paying attention to. Once we know where we are going wrong, the next bit is fixing it. It’s also worth considering why you’re bothering to get ‘financially fit’ in the first place – you need to know your ‘why’? This can help keep you on track when the going gets tough.

enableMe can help you get ahead fast in 2019. Book a consultation or refer a friend before February 28th and you could win dinner on them for three months! Ts and Cs apply, details on the website below.

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