Space Utilitsation Services at Gaze Commercial

Wednesday 30 January 2019, 8:14PM
By Beckie Wright

Space utilisation is usually defined as a measure of how rooms and spaces are being used, both in terms of how often rooms are used and, when they are in use, how many people are in them, and space utilisation surveys provide the only objective measure of the efficiency with which the estate is used.

Space, like time, is money, and if your institution is typical, servicing and maintenance of accommodation is the second largest cost it has to bear. Without efficient space management, the resources tied up in your institution’s estate are not used to best effect. Reducing estates costs by using space more efficiently can release funds for other more important activities.

It is also important to emphasise maximizing the flexibility of room uses.

Some rooms will only ever be suitable for a specific use, but if rooms are designed for flexibility where possible, they can be used by a wider range of users.

Working in partnership with their clients is one of the most important aspects of Gaze Commercial’s design process, and from taking a comprehensive design brief, to putting together a complete concept and creative design, all of Gaze Commercial’s work is carried out through extensive consultation with you, the client.

Similarly, regarding spatial planning, Gaze say we need to be smarter in developing ways to make the environment, in this case, the urban environment, and the economy, work together better, not just in the education sector but in urban planning as well.

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