Keratin Treatments at Ministry of Hair Restores and Nourishes all Hair Types

Thursday 31 January 2019, 11:05AM
By John Van

After summer days spent beachside, humidity, sun and salt water can take their toll on hair. It’s around this time of year that many people find their locks may be looking and feeling a little bit lacklustre. Whether your hair is treated or au naturel, this type of wear can affect anyone. Lifeless, frizzy or just plain damaged hair can reduce confidence and leave anyone feeling slightly off.

Keratin treatments are designed to nourish and restore hair, leaving it protected with its natural shine. This long-term treatment has become a New Zealand favourite among women and men alike, to really enhance what everyday life has taken from hair’s appearance.

At Ministry of Hair, their talented stylists perform treatments using the luxurious Cezzane Keratin products. Holistic and vegan-friendly, these formaldehyde-free products effectively smooth hair, leaving it gorgeous and frizz-free.

Salon leader and Keratin fan herself, Jen, describes the treatments as “a nourishing remedy for all that life throws at our hair”. With Kevin Murphy aftercare products on hand, the process at Ministry of Hair involves an immersive experience in self-love. Softer, smoother and sleeker hair is possible with the internationally trusted Keratin process.

Ministry of Hair, based in the Auckland Central’s Heritage Hotel, invites anyone experiencing frizziness or damaged hair to join them for their luxurious Keratin treatments. Price points start from $180, ensuring healthier hair to be within reach for anyone searching for the ideal hair solution.

Ministry of Hair services women and men in Auckland City with a strong passion and love for hair. Offering full hair care, styling services and products, their team is fully equipped with premium products, trained experience and a renowned reputation in the community.

Bookings can be made through their website, as well as a full rundown on all available treatments and services available through their experienced hair stylists.