Touch Screen Kiosks and How They Impact Digital Advertising

Thursday 31 January 2019, 9:07PM
By Beckie Wright

These days, technology strives to give a company’s market the experience of information on demand. The immersive nature of touch screen kiosks gives them an added dimension in interacting with the target market, as if the advertisements are aimed personally at each and every one of them.

Touch screen kiosks function similarly to digital advertising. They are easy to create and update specifically to the needs of the company issuing them. They can also be updated easily, whereas traditional ads would need to be taken down and replaced in a time-consuming manner. An added advantage of these digital kiosks is the ability for people to interact with them for further information about a product or service.

Digital signage in Auckland is a different way of delivering a message, and benefits greatly from digital kiosks. An ad campaign that features both digital signs and touch screen kiosks has two things working for it; on one hand, it can inform the target market in a timely manner through real-time updates and efficient changing of ads. On the other, it can give them information on-demand about the product or service, as well as the company behind it, through the kiosk.

Touch screen kiosks can also be created to interact with other devices. Bluetooth-compliant gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops can connect to these kiosks and download information, know more about the product, and more.

These kiosks come in different shapes and sizes, from large standing information kiosks for services such as airlines, or small ones that can be found in malls or convenience stores.

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