Rangitahi Currently Selling Stage Two 'The Retreat'

Friday 1 February 2019, 2:17AM
By Beckie Wright

Raglan’s newest property offering, Rangitahi, offers a new urban, sustainable neighbourhood, with Stage One’s 88 sections having already been sold. Sam and Sophie are currently selling stage two ‘The Retreat’, which consists of 28 Lots opposite the Golf Club, and 14 of these are already sold, since March 2018, with only four waterfront properties left.

The second construction season of the subdivision – earthworks, roading and landscaping – resumed in October, and will continue for approximately six months over the summer. As Sophie explains, “In five to six months’ time, the subdivision will be looking really awesome, and we hope to get the landscaping completed during the planting season next year, so that it will establish well.”

As part of the consent conditions, all subdivision construction vehicles must use Te Hutewai and Bensemen Roads for access. This doesn’t include homebuilders, who will have access to the bridge. Concerns surrounding the increased demands on the Wainui Road one-lane bridge, due to the Rangitahi development, as well as increasing visitor numbers, are being addressed by Waikato District Council in the Long Term Plan 2018-28, with a view to replace the existing bridge with a two-lane bridge.

At this stage, an estimated replacement of this nature woould cost in the region of $15 million. A decision on the bridge is due in 2021, with the design/construction scheduled to take place in 2023-26.

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