OSCAR Juicers Are Perfect For Busy Mums In Summer

Friday 1 February 2019, 1:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Oscar Juicers CEO, Tony Hodge says, “Over the thirteen years I have been selling the Oscar juice extractor in New Zealand I have been impressed with the number of Kiwi mums who not only recognise the value of juicing but see it as a great way of getting more fruit and vegetables into their young children. The problem can be that the leafy greens, that we all know are so good for us, can be bitter when juiced alone, however when we add some carrots and an apple or two to sweeten things up you suddenly have a juice that appeals to those young palettes.”

Tony continues, “To get the message out to more Kiwi Mums and Dads on how good juicing can be for them and their children we have launched the Healthy Kids Initiative.

Our children are our greatest asset, let’s keep them healthy and well and get them into juicing on a regular basis, once they get into the habit and feel the benefits they will never want to give it up.”

During the summer when kids are outside most of the day, and come in ravenous, Mums find that a glass of fruit and vegetable juice will often keep them happy until she has prepared lunch or dinner.  Juice tastes great and is packed with the recommended daily fruit and vegetable needs for our kids. Juicing with OSCAR allows our children to absorb all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables with little effort on their digestive system. It also allows our children to consume an optimal amount of fruit and vegetables in an efficient easy manner every day and means we can introduce a variety of vegetables and fruit to our child’s diet without the battle that comes with introducing new healthy foods.

Every purchaser of an Oscar Juicer will receive their ‘Sneaky’ Kids Recipes with 10 fun superhero recipe cards to keep kids super healthy, so for further information on juicers Auckland, wheatgrass juicers and vegetable juicers please go to  .