Pencarrow Cabins Are Part of the Tiny House Phenomenon

Friday 1 February 2019, 2:22PM
By Beckie Wright

There are several reasons why the tiny house phenomenon is on the rise, one of the main ones being that they are proven to be more energy efficient, due to their size and design. This means a reduction in energy consumption for heating and cooling. Most also come with the option of solar panels to give them an even smaller carbon footprint.

In the past house sizes have steadily been on the rise, even though the average family size is dropping. Tiny houses are a small rebellion against the opulence of homes that are larger than they need to be. Also, repair costs can also be a lot lower than on a regular home; for instance, replacing the roof on a tiny house is far less work than on other homes.

Pencarrow Cabins are New Zealand made portable cabins which are built with the very best materials, are extra comfortable and able to go almost anywhere. A Pencarrow Cabin is a smart solution to getting extra space at your place and a stylish addition to any property. They can be added to your existing property, used as a granny flat, a guest house, an office or studio, or even to earn some extra cash through Airbnb.

Smaller house, smaller cost: it stands to reason that a house one tenth the size would have a lower price ticket. While the cost is not a tenth the size, it certainly is a lot less than a standard four bedroom home. You will also enjoy lower insurance and utility costs. There is some grey area when it comes to the laws surrounding small homes, but most councils are coming on board with their permits.

Pencarrow Cabins are building their ‘tiny houses’ to respond to people’s changing needs for housing in a way that’s faster, less stressful, more flexible and, most importantly, cheaper, so to find out more about cabin rentals, porta cabins and transportable homes please go to .