Signinga commercial lease? Get Advice From GYW Law

Monday 4 February 2019, 11:30AM
By Beckie Wright

Signing a commercial lease is a momentous decision for any business. It’s a chance for your hard work to take on a life of its own – and can often be a turning point for a business. For the property owner, a lease represents a level of trust and commitment in the business. That’s why its important for both parties – tenant and landlord - to be properly, independently informed before they make the commitment. Both parties need their interests protected.  

That’s where GYW Law steps in. They have prepared literally thousands of commercial leases, for some of New Zealand’s largest private landlords. When it comes to negotiating leases, GYW Law are New Zealand’s leading specialists. From bespoke, tailored leases which address particular circumstances, through to Property Council lease forms or the industry predominant Auckland District Law Society lease form, GYW Law are experienced at preparing the lease documents you need. They understand what both tenants and landlords need included, or excluded from leases. Likewise, they can offer independent, specialist advice for both parties, to ensure business outcomes are aligned with the lease.  

Signing a lease is a big commitment. That’s why it is crucial to get advice from lawyers you can trust before you make the plunge. GYW Law are perfectly positioned to advise you on all matters regarding commercial leases, from conceptualising lease documents, through to advising parties independently. Learn more about their commercial lease services, suitable for both landlords and tenants today, on GYW Law: