Possum Boutique to Offer Premium Possum Apparel

Monday 4 February 2019, 1:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Possum and merino fabrics are among the lightest and most refined in the modern fashion world, and New Zealand is well-sourced to provide them. Possum Boutique, a leader in New Zealand possum merino fabrics, is proud to announce an expanded inventory to kick off 2019 in style.

Possum Boutique, situated in Wellington’s fashionable CBD, specialises in premium possum and merino knitwear at an affordable price. 100% New Zealand made, with only premium quality fibres, sources, and techniques, Possum Boutique is emerging as a formidable presence in a rapidly growing industry.

One of the warmest furs in the world, possum fur is made exceptionally light by its hollow fibres, trapping heat without adding extra weight. Possums are a pest in New Zealand and pose a threat to native bird species and forests. Hunters and trappers managing the country’s pest populations collect possum fibres, making possum fur eco-friendly in addition to being warm, fashionable, and affordable.

For peak insulation, strength, and quality, possum fur is combined with merino wool. Merino wool, in abundance here in New Zealand, is fine and soft, making possum merino knitwear comfortable as well as warm and durable. Possum Boutique also offers product alpaca and mohair knitwear

Possum Boutique specialises in outwear such as sweaters, jackets, and tunics, as well as accessories like rugs and throws. In recent months, several new items to their inventor. Possum Boutique carries the finest in New Zealand brands such as Lothlorien Knitwear, McDonald Textiles, and Royal Merino, among many others.

Learn more about the premium quality outerwear on sale at Possum Boutique. Visit our website at