Boat Finance Calculator launched by MoneyHub

Saturday 9 February 2019, 10:32PM
By MoneyHub New Zealand

Boat Finance Calculator launched by MoneyHub to give rapid one-click results to help New Zealanders make better financial decisions. 

With low interest rates and unaffordable housing throughout New Zealand, consumer credit is now more than ever at the centre of everyday financial decision making. Responding to the needs of every New Zealander with a mortgage or loan, MoneyHub has launched a one-click Boat Finance calculator on its website, compatible with desktops, tablets and phones.

MoneyHub’s Senior Researcher Christopher Walsh said:

“We’re delighted to have developed what we see as the premier Boat Finance calculator in New Zealand. We’ve invested in developing a secure, functional and user-friendly experience which is free to use. Best of all, it works on any device and calculates immediately”.

“We identified the need for a really simple Boat Finance calculator, which covers all the bases to help tell users exactly what they need to know, and what matters”.

“Mortgages and loans, in general, are an everyday consideration for millions of New Zealanders, and loan repayments are perhaps the biggest obligation in an individual’s lifetime. We wanted to develop a tool which could be the go-to resource for cross-checking their numbers or calculations to give confidence, allow financial decision making and keep users informed”.

“We hope MoneyHub users will respond positively to our Boat Finance calculator tool and use it as part of their everyday financial needs going forward”.