New Entrant and More Competition in the Pet Insurance Market

Saturday 9 February 2019, 10:56PM
By MoneyHub New Zealand

The arrival of AA Pet Insurance, which launched on October 10, is a welcome addition to the pet insurance market currently dominated by Southern Cross, Pet-n-sur and Southern Cross.

MoneyHub’s Senior Researcher Christopher Walsh said:

“Pet owners have not had a lot of choice to date with their pet insurance providers, and we welcome AA Pet Insurance to the market and hope this encourages competition and lower premiums in due course”.

“MoneyHub’s guide to pet insurance is read by thousands of cat and dog owners every month, and we hoped that another player would enter the market. AA Pet Insurance has taken the risk by launching what is often a sensitive insurance product, and we applaud them for doing this”.

MoneyHub’s researchers will take a few days to analyse the AA Pet Insurance policies on offer and update the popular guide which identifies a number of different best buy scenarios, covering cats and dogs of all ages.