The New Year A Good Time to Detoxify at The Turning Point

Tuesday 12 February 2019, 5:52PM
By Beckie Wright

The new year is an obvious starting point for anyone thinking about detoxifying, whether they are worried about their drinking, or know they have a drug dependency problem. The Turning Point NZ are detox specialists, and their staff have well developed experience to guide individuals through the detoxifying process to eliminate drug and alcohol toxins from the body. They find that one of the principal obstacles to recovery is fear of the withdrawal process, so they provide a compassionate yet effective detox that can assist you to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Integrity, collaboration, commitment and hope are the four values that are central to everything they do at The Turning Point. The Turning Point drug and alcohol detox centre offers a new level of caregiving in a small and focused people and wellness centre.  This centre was previously a family home which has been carefully and thoughtfully architecturally re-designed to cater for your needs, blending in warmth, safety, security, and appropriate privacy to maintain your dignity throughout the detox process.  

Residential treatment programmes can be very effective, and are highly structured programmes that can last from 28 days to 6 months. Residential rehab differs from other treatment approaches, principally in their use of the community treatment staff and those in recovery as a key agent of change to influence the guests' attitudes and behaviors associated with their drug or alcohol abuse. While in a residential treatment programme you will receive individual and group therapy, and in addition to traditional therapy, treatment centers offer various specialised treatment options. The primary focus of a rehab centre is on the resocialisation of the person, to a drug or alcohol free lifestyle. As the guest progresses the clinical treatment team will develop a continuation of care.

For the best route to continued abstinence and a healthy and happy recovery, and for more information on detox clinics, rehab Auckland, how to stop drinking alcohol and drug treatment please visit the website at .