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VoIP pricing calculator by Cloud Edge makes the switch easier than ever

Sunday 17 February 2019, 12:55PM
By Media Giant

VoIP pricing calculator by Cloud Edge makes the switch easier than ever

PRESS RELEASE – 17/02/2018



A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) pricing calculator offered to businesses by leading VoIP provider, Cloud Edge, is being seen as an invaluable tool for making the switch to unified communications even easier.


The Wellington-based company made impressive strides in just its first two years of operation, gaining Microsoft Partner status and a variety of steady clients, predominantly in the Wellington City area of New Zealand’s North Island.


Offering competitive VoIP packages for small to medium-sized businesses wishing to unify their communications, Cloud Edge has gained clients come from a wide variety of different industries across Wellington and the rest of New Zealand since it first opened its doors. Now, with an intuitive and easy-to-use pricing calculator, the company looks to gain even further praise from clients across the country.


Business decision-makers can now check the viability of VoIP adoption with just three simple questions, while a further three refine the pricing result for businesses with specific needs. For some time, businesses requiring fax machines in their daily communications - such as law firms - have discovered a grey area in the VoIP solutions available. With the additional options provided by Cloud Edge, any business can instantly check the pricing of a VoIP solution and determine its fit within their budget.


Cloud Edge is a leading VoIP provider located in Lower Hutt, Wellington. To use their VoIP Pricing Calculator and see if your business is viable for an affordable communications upgrade, visit today, or call 0800 303 202 to speak to one of the team for more information.