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Media Giant reveal when the best time is to perform a website audit in 2019

Sunday 17 February 2019, 9:53PM
By Media Giant

Wellington-based web design, EDM marketing, and social media marketing business, Media Giant, recently released updated advice on the best time to perform a website audit for New Zealand businesses.


In their latest blog, Media Giant discusses the value of website audits at specific times, including when a business notices a drop in web traffic or sales, and why it’s crucial to be cautious during a business or website rebrand.


“Adding a new service [...] can quickly lead to keyword or content conflict. At worst, this conflicting, new page may outperform the existing page [...] and causes you to consider abandoning the historic product or service altogether,” according to the latest update from Media Giant.


This stands as a crucial reminder for New Zealand business about why a full SEO package is not always needed, and that while certain elements - such as a website audit - are always extremely valuable, other elements of an SEO review should be chosen as required. Further on in the release, the team discuss how website audits are best married with content assessments, keyword updates, and fine-tuning of website copy and marketing instead of a complete and total overhaul.


Media Giant represents this approach to quality, cost-effective SEO services, providing a range of packages designed to best suit the needs of a business. In a sea of SEO and digital marketing businesses across New Zealand, it’s refreshing to see a business take a proactive and holistic approach, considering the needs of the individual and business above all else.


Media Giant is located in Lower Hutt, Wellington,and provides a full range of high-quality digital marketing services across New Zealand. To learn more about their website audit and SEO services, you can call the team on 04 555 0570, or visit today.