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Latest Dementia Wandering Prevention Device Arrives in NZ

Wednesday 20 February 2019, 9:28AM
By Online Services NZ

Wandering is the single most critical worry for a caregiver. Those suffering with Alzheimer's, other forms of dementia and memory loss have a tendency to wander whether they are at home or in unfamiliar surroundings. Without warning, they may start to wander into forbidden or dangerous areas within their own home, or at night wake and leave the safety of their house or resthome. 

Mercari Limited (New Zealand) is now able to provide the latest in dementia care technology; a wandering prevention device that alerts caregivers when a patient or loved one roams outside of their safety zone - a proximity care button. A small and discrete button like device is clipped to the wanderer, on a collar or piece of their clothing and linked to an app on the caregivers smart phone via bluetooth. When the button is detected as being out of range by the smartphone, it sets off an alarm alerting the caregivers that the wearer is wandering. 

Unlike any other dementia devices on the market in New Zealand and Australia, the proximity button alerts caregivers immediately that the person they are caring for is potentially wanderinging. The button is small enough that the wearers are unlikley to notice the device being worn, and therefore overcome one of the largest obsticles of dementia wanderers which is removing unfamiliar devices or personal alarms. The battery of the device last about 1 year and can be replaced easily from supermarket purchased replacement batteries, thus eliminating concerns over having to have devices constantly charged. 

The value to caregivers is immeasurable given their number one concern is a patient or loved one wandering off without being noticed. Caregivers can now be alerted instantly via smart phone. The Proximity button gives added value to home bound carers who have loved ones that wander at night. Carers can now have a restful sleep knowing the wanderer they are caring for is in safe proximity, and the moment they move out of the safety zone (About 30m away from the app on the smart phone) the alarm on the phone will go off. 

Whilst many reactive dementia safety devices can cost thousands, the proactive proximity button costs only $165 + gst. For more information please visit