Recover from your holiday spending spree with a Debt Consolidation Loan from Max Loans

Thursday 28 February 2019, 7:24PM
By Beckie Wright

The holidays have come and gone, and for many across New Zealand, that means finally reckoning with the dreaded holiday spending spree. Every year, generous holiday giving, ravenous holiday eating, some lengthy holiday vacationing, and perhaps even some cash borrowed from family leave many Kiwis stuck with an unwelcome new year’s resolution: paying off the debt they’ve incurred over the holidays. Fortunately, for everyone considering loans NZ wide, Max Loans is here to help.

With new credit card debts and depleted savings, it’s not uncommon to fall behind on bills and payments. That’s why Max Loans offers Debt Consolidation Loans to help borrowers take back control from their debts, simplify their finances, and charge into 2019 with a plan to finish the year debt-free.

With their Debt Consolidation Plan, Max Loans helps borrowers streamline their debt payments by paying them off, leaving borrowers with only a single loan to pay, often at a lower fixed interest rate than the credit card debt they’re eliminating. Max Loans helps put borrowers back on top of their debts by offering debt consolidation loans with fixed end dates that provide financial stability and peace of mind. By consolidating debts, borrowers can take a bite out of interest with early payments and budget better with a fixed repayment schedule.

A leader in finance NZ, Max Loans prides itself on combining outstanding customer service and support with competitive rates and accommodating repayment options. For more information about Max Loans’ Debt Consolidation Loans, contact one of Max Loans’ friendly and professional lenders today.

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