Eco-friendly Wastewater Treatment Solutions at Collins Civil & Drainage

Thursday 28 February 2019, 9:15PM
By Beckie Wright

As we are all aware, wastewater treatment in New Zealand, and in fact, around the world, is a growing concern. Due to the population growth, we are running out of land to be able to treat the effluent without affecting waterways and marine life. Collins Civil and Drainage can provide a solution for your waste water needs that is eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Collins Civil and drainage are suppliers and installers for a variety of onsite, eco-friendly waste water management systems in the wider Auckland region. From primary treatment to advanced secondary treatment, Collins Civil and Drainage can design, supply, install and service a range of quality onsite waste water management Whether you need a primary or secondary treatment, on site waste water management system, or to retrofit your current system, they can guide you through the consent process, provide a design and install your required onsite waste water treatment system.

This can include schools, communities, public toilets, churches, subdivisions, camp grounds, wineries, motels and retirement villages. Collins Civil and Drainage design and install residential-sized systems, as well as large commercial size systems. They are committed to providing the best-quality solutions to your needs by implementing five-star workmanship and prompt services, and their team of technicians and installers will deliver with your best interest and satisfaction in mind.

Collins Civil and Drainage are suppliers of Aquatec pressure sewer systems.

Pressure sewer systems are installed when a gravity drain is not available, and at Collins Civil and Drainage they can design, supply and install your new Aquatec pressure sewer system. Collins Civil and Drainage can also service and maintain a number of pressure sewer systems in Auckland including the Aquatec system, which has been developed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

For more information on drain unblockers, gutter cleaning Auckland, drainage solutions and wastewater treatment solutions please visit the website at www.collinsdrainage.co.nz .