Digital Signs Reach Customers You Otherwise Would Miss Out On

Thursday 28 February 2019, 9:46PM
By Beckie Wright

Once someone leaves the internet, we often lose the ability to communicate with them. Sure there is TV and Radio as an advertising medium,  but both of these are very expensive and it is quite uncertain whether your big spend is actually producing any results for you.

Static (printed) billboards have been around a long time and are generally regarded as good at capturing attention, and certainly reinforcing your brand, but they too have been very expensive in the past ($15,000 + GST/month).

Thanks to the progression of technology, and the skills of the Team at Digital Signs, digital billboards are now popping up everywhere as an extremely cost-effective way of capturing prospective clients as they walk and drive by, and directing them into your business.

The effective conversion does not even end there, as you can put a video wall inside your retail premises and gain even further opportunity to convert and upsell, as you show your customers the great product range you have on offer and the many reasons as to why they should buy.

Digital Signs has captured the market by storm by offering advertising on even the largest central city billboards from only $1.00 + GST per ad! That’s right, no more $4,000/week commitment – just spend $1.00 per ad and appear as many or as few times as you wish – you are the boss!

Give one of the Team a call now on 0508 4 Video (0508 484 336) and see how far your marketing budget can actually go and how rapidly you can increase your sales from the effective use of high resolution LED digital signs in your area.

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