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Mist NZ Expanding Their Premises To Allow For More Growth

Monday 11 March 2019, 9:12PM
By Beckie Wright

After several years in their original premises in Wallaceville, Upper Hutt, Mist NZ are expanding their premises to allow for more growth, making it possible to produce even more fabulous vapes for Kiwis. All of this summer weather means people are taking their vapes to all kinds of places they haven’t been in a while: the beach, the pool and the park. Our Kiwi summer is full of iconic treats, and Mist NZ believe it’s time vaping was recognised as one of them.


They have gone all out to bring you a whole range of the country’s best vapour juices that will get you right into that summer mood, whether it’s that fruity tang, that childhood ice cream flavour - or maybe something that’s decidedly out of the ordinary. For instance, getting the balance right on delicate flavours like pineapple can be difficult in E Juices, but there’s no problem at Mist NZ as this flavour packs a full fruity tang while maintaining that air of freshness. This is the vapour juice for you if you want to instantly give the whole room a fresh summer vibe.


Mist NZ have replaced their limited edition liquids with their best sellers, and removed the rest of the best sellers from the limited edition range and merged them in with the regular stock at the same price. Mist NZ have a whole lot more E Juices for sale too. Even better, their whole range comes in a range of PG/VG ratios so you can customise your throat hit, and a range of strengths to suit any vaping style.


In a few weeks Mist NZ will be running a promotion; free 30ml of cheesecake available, limited stock, so get in quick. All you need to pay is the shipping. 


And for more information on vpdam coils, e juice for sale and vape NZ please go to https://www.mistnz.conz.