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Commercial Traders Recommend Whiteboards as a Great Planning Tool

Tuesday 12 March 2019, 5:42PM
By Beckie Wright

In this age of technology, where we carry around powerful computers in our pockets you may wonder if there is still a place for the humble whiteboard.

Yet, whiteboardsstill have important uses in businesses and learning institutions. And perhaps surprisingly, it is some of the most technologically literate people who use whiteboards most. Organisations such as Evernote and Apple recognize that whiteboards have advantages as a planning tool that even the most powerful apps lack.


Using a whiteboard is fast, easy, and very clear. If you have a group of people in an office or workshop, everybody can see key details with a glance at the whiteboard. You can easily make changes, and anybody can contribute. It is also an excellent place to show key dates and reminders, so everybody can clearly see them. Similarly, you might choose to show important company goals on a whiteboard to remind your whole team of their intended direction.


 As much as we love our electronic devices, they still can't match whiteboards for those three basic qualities. You don’t need to worry about having to turn a whiteboard on and wait for it to load. Your whiteboard is always charged and doesn’t go flat. You don’t have to go through training to operate a whiteboard, although it will emphasize how messy your writing might be.


Whether you intend to use your whiteboard in a classroom, for planning in your office, or even to record drinks orders in the lunchroom, Commercial Traders have a whiteboard ideal for your purpose, and can supply you with whiteboards covering a wide range of sizes from 600 x 900 up to 1215 x 3600.


All of their whiteboards are hard wearing and durable. Did you know that if somebody accidentally writes on your whiteboard in permanent marker, you can remove it overwriting with a water-based whiteboard marker? Most of their ceramic whiteboards come with solid aluminum frames and a pen tray, and they can also supply you with a range of Ceramic Steel projection whiteboards, with a surface that both enhances projection and write-erasability.


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