Creative Acrylic Uses Flat Bed CNC Technology to Streamline Superior Plastic Fabrication Processes

Friday 15 March 2019, 11:53AM
By John Van


When performing plastic fabrication, Creative Acrylic understands the importance of efficiency and precision in every order processed. Working with innovative flat bed CNC technology, their technicians are afforded higher cut speeds and a pristine finish on all commercial projects. Specialising in product displays for retail stores and marketing materials, Creative Acrylic are well-equipped to handle all aspects of plastic fabrication.

From acrylic to PVC, polycarbonate and ACM, Creative Acrylic handle an extensive range of plastics. Their scope of services covers; general cutting/ trimming, drilling, rebating, v-grooving, bevelled edges, radiused edges, engraving and lettering. Creative Acrylic’s top of the range technology supports a variety of cut styles without compromising on delivery time and with all work performed in-house, everything produced is of assured quality

Creative Acrylic welcomes all in the retail and marketing space to get in touch with them for a consultation on what they can offer. With a plethora of successful and innovative point of sale displays, dispensing and merchandising units, and custom display cases, they’re sure they can create a bespoke solution for all interested parties.

Creative Acrylic are able to be reached online through their website or by calling 09 838 8966. With a physical store based in Henderson, potential customers are also able to visit and view their capabilities in person.