The Wardrobe Company Can Help You to Create a Home Office

Monday 18 March 2019, 4:00PM
By Beckie Wright

Working from home is a rapidly growing trend, with many employers mindful of the mutual benefits which accrue from a staff member undertaking their duties remotely, even for just one day per week. Also, the proliferation of small home-based businesses often necessitates provision of a home-based office. So, where to create this facility?

At The Wardrobe Company ( they have the ideas and design expertise to create a home office even where space is limited. Whilst some modern homes have a purpose-built study / ‘computer room’, this is not the case in homes from an earlier era so some creative thinking is required! Home offices need not be large – if there’s room for a desk and chair, perhaps a cupboard / wardrobe to accommodate files, and somewhere for a printer /scanner that’ll normally suffice.

Many Kiwi homes from the 1950’s and 60’s had spacious laundries – frequently sited adjacent to the kitchen - so it’s often viable to re-site the plumbing under the house to create a laundry into a basement or to an adjoining bathroom, set up a laundry behind sliding or bi-folding doors, and turn the former laundry into a home office. The Wardrobe Company can design, manufacture, and install a custom-made desk unit with integrated features to house keyboards and office records and keep cables neatly out of the way. Where space permits, a built-in wardrobe should be created to use for file storage now and as a wardrobe if the room were later utilized as a bedroom.

Alternatively, it’s often possible to partition an alcove off a living room or hallway, which would then be fitted out as a compact home office, which can be closed off, by fitting The Wardrobe Company’s ‘whisper glide’ sliding doors. Similarly, the rear portion of a garage can be closed-in to create an adequate workspace. In most cases an electrician will be able to reticulate cabling to these areas to provide power and Internet services for home office needs.

In addition to keeping the overheads of a fledging home-based business contained (no rental overhead), provision of a dedicated home office (or extra bedroom) will most certainly add value and saleability to your home, so for more information on wardrobes Auckland, wardrobe storage and garage storage nz  please go to .