Ongoing Help & Support From Canopy Cancer Care's Under the Canopy

Monday 18 March 2019, 4:53PM
By Beckie Wright

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a very stressful time, but knowing what to expect can put you and your family at ease. Patients and their families are often faced with lots of information all at once, and trying to make sense of the information can sometimes be overwhelming. Canopy is committed to providing the support and resources to empower patients. Canopy place their patients at the source of everything they do.


Their knowledgeable team of nurses and doctors will support you through your cancer journey. Under the Canopy is comprised of a range of services to complement your cancer care. These include dietitions, psychology support services, massage therapy and exercise therapy.


Research has shown that these services can assist with the management of the symptoms and side effects that may occur during treatment such as coping wih fatigue and sleep problems. Also pain management, tension and stress and anxiety and depression.


Under the Canopy isn’t a place, but a philosophy of integrated care where they don’t just treat your medical condition. They recognise that it takes more than medicine to effectively treat a patient, and they also realise that your journey doesn’t end with the last treatment.


Under the Canopy offer a toolkit of evidence based complementary therapies so their patients can access what they need as they need it. At Canopy they talk a lot about outcomes that matter to patients, as they believe that it is important to provide their patients and their families access to tools and resources to manage the side effects of your treatment, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your physical condition, enabling you to better cope with your clinical treatment, thus improving your quality of life.


Their goal is to ensure that you and your family feel supported, well informed and empowered not only throughout the treatment journey, but beyond, and Under the Canopy will provide you with the tools to make this possible, so for more information on oncology Auckland, cancer treatment NZ and cancer clinics please go to .