Geneva Healthcare Introduction to Their Disability Services in New Zealand

Sunday 24 March 2019, 9:36PM
By Beckie Wright

Geneva Healthcare provide a 24/7 wraparound support that gives you real choice, real care and real peace of mind, providing a one-stop-shop, A-to-Z resource page for Disability Support Services in New Zealand.

In this introduction to the 11 topics we will deal with in these press releases, we will be starting with adapting to a life with disability, including dealing with stress and mental health. Secondly, we will discuss getting the right support services, including understanding your rights, funding, home support and rehabilitation. We will also discuss how to access disability organisations and disaster and emergency planning.

The third topic is to do with living independently, such as living at home with home support, access to service animals, housing modification, assistive technology (talking, breathing machines, wheelchairs etc) and residential services.

The fourth topic regards getting around the community, including transportation and vehicle modification, and fifthly, keeping active and having fun, including engaging in sport, music, art, community groups, travel and events.

The next topic will be getting education and skills, New Zealand, sign language, life skills and employment skills, and number seven will cover getting a job and staying employed. This can involve supported job search and supported employment.

Next we will cover hiring people who have a disability, including their skills, CV’s, interviews and support, and the ninth topic covers relationships and fertility. The tenth topic will address parenting a child with a disability, and, finally, the subject of abuse and safety is covered. This will include falling over and accidents, and what you should do, such as keeping your phone charged and having a medical alarm.

Whatever your disability, injury or health concern, Geneva Healthcare can support you to reach your goals with personalised Rehabilitation Support services.

If you or someone you know could benefit from having some support, please feel free to call them on 0800 GENEVA (or 0800 436 382) or go to their website to find out more on or email them on , and for more information on disability support services, rehabilitation and 24/7 wraparound support please go to .