According to Experts, Now is the Perfect Time to Boost Your Immune System

Tuesday 26 March 2019, 1:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Experts say t’s important to strengthen your immune system now, as the autumn and winter seasons often bring with them viruses and other contagious diseases that may weaken your bodies and affect your day-to-day living. To stay healthy and protected, there are a number of things you can do.

Food is medicine. What we take into our bodies greatly contributes to our health. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be staples in your diet, as they are one of the best sources of vitamins. Experts also advise eating whole foods like whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system. It flushes out the toxins in your body and helps in the production of lymph, which carries white blood cells to help fight off diseases.

Strive to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Sleeping replenishes the body’s energy, reduces stress, and strengthens your immune system.

Sweating it out especially in the cooler months is beneficial as it increases your immune function, make your body stronger, and helps to get you into shape! If you’re intimidated by exercise or simply don’t have any time for it, you can always start with low-intensity workouts.

More than just obtaining vitamins from your food, you can also couple it with supplements that double your protection from harmful diseases. If you’re looking for supplements nz offers, O2B healthy provides natural health products that protect your health and strengthen your immune system.

O2B Immune Boost is a high potency general anti-microbial and immune-stimulating formula designed to improve the body’s responses to a broad range of infections (bacterial, viral & fungal). It does this through improving the circulation and detoxification activity of the lymphatic system, supporting the immune system's response to pathogens.

O2B Currant C capsule combines the powers of New Zealand-grown blackcurrants and vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in helping to maintain skin integrity, heal wounds, boost immunity, increase the elasticity of ligaments and tendons and is crucial to every cell in the body.

O2B Vitamin C chewable tablets are orange-flavoured and packed with 500mg of mixed forms of this powerful antioxidant. It is designed to fight fatigue, protect against oxidative stress/free radical damage, promote wound healing and tissue repair, and boost immunity.

O2B Immune for Kids uses a blended therapeutic formula of eight powerful medicinal herbs that work together to combat infections, boost overall immunity and nourish body systems. This herbal combination works by improving the blood circulation, sinus, respiratory and lymphatic drainage and detoxification activity, and by supporting the immune system's response to infections.

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