Distorted audio causes MacBook users to panic after update

Wednesday 27 March 2019, 12:02PM
By Media Giant

Adobe Premiere Pro users around the world have fallen into panic, after an update caused MacBooks to experience loud, distorted audio recently. Reports on major tech sites have been following an issue affecting a significant number of Premiere Pro users, resulting in permanent damage to their MacBook speakers.


Adobe initially advised at least one customer to try disabling the MacBook Pro's microphone in Premiere Pro by selecting No Input under the Audio Hardware tab, but the issue persisted for some users. In many cases, the issue occurred when individuals were editing audio settings of video clips with the program.


Adobe issued a statement in February, alerting users on its community support forum that the company was aware of the issue, and working on a solution to minimise and mitigate the associated risk. Although Adobe was quick to push the updated version - 13.0.3 - it’s advised that users limit their use unless they have installed the safer and revised software update.


“Fixed issues with Premiere Pro that reduce noise interaction and help minimize possible impact.

While Adobe is urging all users to update their software, there's still no word on how affected users might be recompensed following damage to their Macs,” release notes said.


One user claimed they had experienced a high triple-figure repair cost from Apple, which required the replacement of the entire top case assembly on their MacBook Pro. This contained the speakers, keyboard, trackpad, and battery. If New Zealand users have experienced a similar issue already, it’s advised they look at engaging an expert repair team to ensure quality repair work is undertaken.


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