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Tandem NZ Lists 2019's BIG THREE JavaScript Frameworks for Web Developers

Wednesday 27 March 2019, 6:08PM
By Tandem NZ Limited

First off, are JavaScripts(JS) Frameworks still in use?

Just about 5 years back, web developers relied heavily on jQuery and vanilla JS to develop web applications. As of 2019, you may have noticed that websites are becoming less stagnant and becoming more robust and engaging. For a web developer, this means developing a more complex front end application, using a JS framework can make the task much smoother.

The web developers at Tandem NZ have used various JS frameworks including - Node,js, Angular,js, Vue.js, Ember.js, React.js, Meteor.js, Mithril, Aurelia, Polymer and more. In this list, we have picked the top 3 based on project requirements, browser support, framework performances, and flexibility across the various projects we have been engaged in.

These javascript frameworks feature on top of Google Trends, have survived tough competitions and take the largest share in the New Zealand market, as well as globally.

1) Node.JS

It is the best Framework for creating networking applications and server-side. Additionally, it can be used for creating APIs and other back-end services. This makes it the most preferable choice for business-related applications.

Node-based applications work on any operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows, making it perfect for editing applications collaboratively and in real-time.

Its key features include streamlining data from different platforms, create the proxy in servers, a monitoring & system dashboard for apps and system, a single-threaded model with event looping, no data buffering, NPM package for all files, and hyper speed due to Google’s V8 engine.

PayPal, Netflix, and GoDaddy are using the Node.js for app development.

2) Angular.JS

This open-source structural framework is powerful for creating dynamic web apps. The framework supports multiple functionalities such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Originally built for developers and support user-interfaces and wiring software components together, it also supports NativeScript technology for developing native apps.

The latest version, Angular 7, supports content projection on different slots, adding or removing the reflect metadata polyfill, and helps users make decisions with CLI Prompts capability.

Additional advantages of Angular 7 is that it allows the use of HTML templates, supports two-way data binding, automatically syncs data between components and model, built-in dependency injection that helps in the development and testing processes, and easy to configure with MVC and MVW architecture.

Lego, iStock Photo, and The Guardian are using Angular.JS framework.

3) React.JS

This open-source JavaScript library is used for developing single page business apps, including high-performing enterprise applications that can work and update data without reloading the page and still maintain user-friendliness.

Its framework supports data binding with one-way flux controls, provides reusable component-based structure, is easy to maintain due to its modular structure, and supports fast render with virtual DOM.

ReactJS is mostly used to build the V (View) in the MVC model and features a unique architecture.

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram are empowered by ReactJS frameworks.

There are so many options but these are the best choice for your next app development project that we think you should be considering.

Even with this Top 3 list, software development is a field which is continuously evolving. New changes in these frameworks and others not listed here are expected.

If you are starting up and are looking for a web developer or need to have an app developed, contact a software development company that deals with programming and languages at a large scale. Most web agencies in Christchurch and other parts of New Zealand claim to be able to build you a functional website, but when you look closer, what they really provide is either just design, or SEO services, not really development, which means, if any programming is required, they hire an outsider or outsource one for your specific need in order to get the development done.

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