Remarket IT Assets through Divers Group

Wednesday 27 March 2019, 7:09PM

By Beckie Wright


IT logistics company Divers Group is promoting their IT remarketing services that will find a new lease of life for old and unused electronic equipment.  Divers specialise in the logistics of delivery, deployment, relocation and retirement of IT systems and are based out of 59 Richard Pearse Drive, in Airport Oaks, Auckland .


When the IT asset has come to the end of its useful life or has become surplus to your requirement, in many cases Divers can provide a financial return through remarketing the used equipment. They provide an end-to-end service which starts at picking up the retired IT assets, returning them to a secure facility, decommissioning and wiping all data.


Divers believe that the benefits of remarketing unused assets are manifold. It improves storage by getting rid of unwanted assets, protects the environment by ensuring it is disposed safely and increases value by finding revenue through these unused assets which can be reinvested in new technology. Where the items have no market value Divers can ensure the items are e-wasted ethically.


Divers wants to help businesses get on with their work while taking care of all logistical tasks such as sourcing and setting up computers, furniture and other hardware. They also look after end-of-life tasks such as collection, decommissioning, data erasure and ethical disposal. They provide these services to Companies, Government Departments, Universities and IT Companies throughout New Zealand.


Divers’ capabilities include freight, storage, a centralised technical workshop, on-site setup, decommissioning, IT asset remarketing, e-waste, recording and reporting. Their quality work is reflected in the Divers Group achieving its ISO 9001 certification last year.


In order to get the certification they ensured the systems that are put in place encourage a) continuous improvement of existing processes and b) development of new services such as Inventory Management software that can be tailored to suit the customer requirement where a single monthly report can provide visibility of where the client's inventory is, all accessible, 24/7 via the Divers Group web portal.


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