At Rangitahi Living Smaller Can Be More Stylish Than You Think

Friday 29 March 2019, 1:36PM
By Beckie Wright

With section sizes ranging from 400-830 square metres, Rangitahi subdivision has plenty of room for every type of home. However, there is a very apparent lifestyle trend setting in, with people wanting to live simpler , with less clutter, and spend more time in nature. An appreciation for good design and architecture is thriving in New Zealand.


The desire for small and perfectly formed spaces is becoming not only an economic decision but a lifestyle choice. We are pushing designers to create small but luxurious spaces tha flow into the outdoors. The result is a movement that is really about the changing lifestyle trend of minimalistic living.


Environmental psychologists reason that homes influence people’s emotional state because they “facilitate the social interactions and the power dynamics that are played out in a home”. Think about what it would be like to dedicate your spare time to family, growing vegetables, sports, travel and the activities of your choice instead of consistently consuming.


In New Zealand, architects are designing  small sustainable homes, using materials that reference and blend with the natural environment. New Zealand architecture firms; ‘Herbst’ have designed the well-known ‘Aotea Bach’ and ‘Te Modula’, ‘Fearon Hay’ have designed, ‘Storm Cottage’ and ‘The Camp’, and Strachan Group Architects have designed ‘Studio 19 Bach’ and ‘Studio 19 Rural House’. ‘Edwards white’ designed the ‘River Retreat’. All of these projects are distinctly Kiwi, and create that lifestyle we ultimately yearn for.


The drive behind a lifestyle change to a small community like Raglan is centered around wanting to be close to nature; the rugged beauty of the West coast is right on your doorstep here. To be a part of a supportive and creative community, to bring up a family in the unique environment that Raglan offers is something you can’t quite beat. It is so important to create a nurturing home and lifestyle for your family and Rangitahi can offer the perfect place to do this.


As the Raglan harbour gently flows out to the Tasman sea, an opportunity awaits. You can find your piece of paradise here. The diversity of sections will suit both permanent residents and weekend holiday makers. Don’t miss out on being a part of this exciting new neighbourhood.


To find out more about The Retreat and stage two of sections available in Raglan, please go to .