Why Kiwis Prefer Smartmove to Move Their Household Goods

Friday 29 March 2019, 1:50PM
By Beckie Wright

There is a very good reason why Smartmove present one of the most popular ways to find moving companies in New Zealand, and that is, their easy-to-use website makes it so quick and easy to find a moving company and get started with your move. They take all the hassle out of getting multiple quotes for your move - saving you time and money.


There are five key reasons why you should use Smartmove, including the fact that it is FREE! You don’t pay anything to use this state-of-the-art method to book a moving company. Secondly, it is FAST! Five minutes at  will save you spending hours searching for moving companies, calling moving companies, visiting multiple websites only to have to enter in the same information time and time again. With Smartmove you will get multiple quotes back - fast, usually in just one day!


Thirdly, they are just so convenient. They are open 24/7 so you can request your quote anytime, and number four, they are accurate. Unlike many websites they collect the information on your move in a way that makes sure you get an accurate quote back from the moving companies, ensuring no nasty surprises at the last minute.


Finally, they are totally reliable. The moving companies in their network are hand-picked, and have a proven track record of being reliable and trustworthy.

In other words, Smartmove WILL get you the best prices from the best moving companies in New Zealand, so for more information on movers, NZ movers and moving services please go to .