Autumn 2019 Available Now at Wendy's Boutique

Friday 29 March 2019, 5:16PM
By Beckie Wright

If you’re a fan of boutique designer brands that consistently nail the new trends, and always seem to be on the money with the latest designs, then no doubt you’ll be waiting for the new season with bated breath. Well, you no longer have to wait! And, in particular, the autumn looks from the Ink clothing label. The brainchild of Wendy herself, Ink is a line stocked exclusively at Wendys and Tilda, and was created with the aim of bringing to these two stores looks that cannot be found anywhere else in New Zealand.


Wendy knows that those who love boutique pieces are discerning buyers, who appreciate the cut and cloth of their garments, but at the same time know exactly what they’re looking for, and it’s most likely that they want to wear something that’s a wee bit different from the pack; they’re investing not just in quality, but also in the fact that the item they are purchasing has not been mass-produced.


While the fashion conscious among us may think we’re getting ahead of the game by spying on the trends of the Northern Hemisphere, which obviously hit first, we’re positively the last off the block when compared to Wendy and her team. For them the fashion calendar is up to 18 months ahead, and through Ink, Wendy opens the window to a range of totally unique looks. This is a label that can only be purchased at Wendys, and as a result is totally exclusive.  Of course this also means that stock is limited – so once the sizes have gone, you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.


And as any lover of fashion knows, this is the ultimate beauty of buying boutique – you can be unique; but you also have to be fast, so to find out more about Caroline Sills, Verge clothing and women’s fashion please go to .