TIMG Scopes Flexible Records Management Solutions in Perpetual Guardian Case Study

Friday 29 March 2019, 5:21PM
By Beckie Wright

TIMG (The Information Management Group) has over 30 years of industry experience, addressing information management challenges for clients across New Zealand. Their team consists of highly experienced business professionals that bring forth a wealth of knowledge across a variety of disciplines, contributing to deliver value, innovation, and efficiency to customers.

TIMG’s latest work, featured in its newest case study, is its provision of a flexible records management solution for Perpetual Guardian. Perpetual Guardian has over 135 years of valuable industry experience providing New Zealanders with estate planning options, support in philanthropic ventures, and investment advice.

The case study covers the flexible approach TIMG took in relation to Perpetual Guardian’s challenges following the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011. Effecting its day-to-day operations, these challenges prompted Perpetual Guardian to assess their existing document storage facilities and document handling practices.

Managing important documents such as wills and trusts, the team at Perpetual Guardian sought the information management expertise of TIMG; ensuring files were stored safely and securely and at the same time ensuring they would be readily accessible in both physical and digital formats.

By using smart document storage and imaging solutions and by utilising TIMG’s document retrieval system, Perpetual Guardian can store, request, and access files with ease. This has also enabled Perpetual Guardian to implement its ‘Digital First’ business strategy which has reduced the time spent on manual file searches and which has also greatly reduced storage costs.

Perpetual Guardian has been using trusted TIMG solutions since 2014, enabling them to make significant cost savings and also ensuring that the information that matters most to Perpetual Guardian is protected yet readily accessible.

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