Lennox Fence Panels for Schools and Parks Are Safe, Durable

Tuesday 2 April 2019, 1:50PM
By Beckie Wright

Gate and fence experts Fencelab is promoting the the Lennox School panels and gates from their range. The chunky tubular sections gives Lennox the strength making them ideal for child care fencing. These are available ex stock in powder coated satin black.

The Lennox panels come in two heights – 1.5m and 1.8m. The aluminium three rails are 40x40mm and 2400mm wide with 25mm square pickets. The Lennox series combines the versatility of a raked and fixed panel with the superior corrosion resistance of aluminium. There are various gate options available to match The Lennox Panel that can be coupled with Europe's leading Automation Brand 'Roger Technologies'. Lennox panels provide security and define the boundary, without obstructing visibility. 

Lennox panels and gates are popular for schools and parks. They are safe as they have no sharp edges and the materials are durable. Parks experience a lot of activity, particularly from kids. It’s important that the fencing style and materials are designed with this in mind to avoid injuries. Lennox panels are durable. Lennox’s aluminium panels will result in a fence that lasts a long time, as well as preventing injuries and damage to the fence. As it doesn’t rust over time, it is the perfect choice if the park is located in a coastal area or in a region that experiences heavy rainfall. All park fencing must comply with government and municipal regulations. FenceLab’s Lennox panels and gates comply with local laws and health and safety regulations.

FenceLab is where the elements of great design and execution are analysed, balanced, and fused together to create fence and gate architecture that meets the essential equation of style, security, and safety. School fencing needs to be durable as there are a lot of activities throughout the year, and the fence structure must also be high enough to prevent children from climbing it. Fencelab designers can discuss school fence project with a gate installation experts will ensure clients make the right choice in terms of design, functionality, and materials.

Fencelab crew can also discuss custom made panels. Their engineers can draw up designs to be fabricated in-house by their skilled welders. 

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