Media Giant website design refreshes law firms in Wellington

Thursday 18 April 2019, 4:02PM
By Media Giant

Wellington-based digital marketing and web design business, Media Giant, announced the launch of two, newly branded websites for top Wellington law firms this week.


The two New Zealand law firms, Wakefields Lawyers and Bell & Co Lawyers, are the latest in a growing number of clients to engage the business in their custom website design services. While both firms are well-established in the commercial and employment law sector, a custom website redesign was an opportunity to unify their physical and digital branding.


For many businesses who offer face-to-face services, web design and online presence oftens takes a backseat to their brick-and-mortar branding and office design.


However, it’s no secret that the number of individuals using the Internet to discover services of all kinds has increased in recent years, with the advent of smartphones now causing many businesses to reassess the importance of their web presence.


Engaging an expert website design business to undertake the task is often the easiest way to ensure success in this endeavour, as a custom website will not only incorporate the branding of a business in an appealing layout, but also considers the user experience.


This includes how easy the site is to navigate, ensuring the right information about services is clear and discoverable, and that the business website is optimised for mobile users. For Wakefields Lawyers, having recently absorbed other firms, this was the ideal moment to align their services with fresh branding and develop a solid online presence.


Media Giant is located in Lower Hutt, Wellington, and provides a full range of high-quality digital marketing services across New Zealand. To learn more about custom website design for your business, you can call Media Giant on 04 555 0570, or visit today.