NZ study compounds worries over engineer shortage

Wednesday 24 April 2019, 1:42PM
By Media Giant

News reports of a skills shortage, and an increasing number of construction projects across the country, are still doing little to entice future engineers to study, the headlining points of a new study by MoneyHub NZ revealed.


While billions of dollars is being poured into construction projects across New Zealand - including roads, bridges, hospitals, and railway lines - an equally growing concern has risen that there aren't enough qualified engineers to meet demand. Susan Freeman Green, CEO of Engineering New Zealand, recently discussed the shortage:


"It's a serious problem. Without more engineers we are going to struggle to really fulfill our potential as a nation and to innovate and to keep up.


“In 2014, only five per cent of New Zealand graduates were engineers, and with the OECD average 12 per cent, this country has a seven per cent gap," she said.


This was grimly reflected by Engineering New Zealand's 2017 statistics, which revealed only seven per cent of New Zealand’s graduates in 2017 studied engineering. Civil engineers are involved in the design, planning, organisation and overview of construction across New Zealand, including key infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and water supply systems.


Industry experts point to overseas employment opportunities as one reason for the low appeal to students. However, NZ is home to some of the APAC region’s most competitive manufacturers, such as Metco Engineering, the only Wellington engineering manufacturer to offer a full end-to-end solution from initial consultation and concept design.


Metco Engineering manage all work in-house, from raw materials, prototype design and sheet metal manufacturing, through to finished products, with experience in major industries - including architecture, construction, transportation, defence, and emergency services.


Metco Engineering is based in Lower Hutt, Wellington, with Auckland offices in Eden Terrace. To learn more about their engineering design services, you can visit their website at or contact your nearest Metco site today.