Auckland uPVC provider sheds light on eco-window benefits

Friday 26 April 2019, 11:10AM
By Media Giant

Eco Auckland, which recently made its expertise and world-class product range available to Auckland homeowners, have released updated information around their uPVC products and the benefits they bring to homes across the country.


Utilising high-quality German design, uPVC is renowned for its thermal and acoustic insulation abilities, while providing excellent safety, security, and durability through the use of superior construction materials. This begins with the Aluplast Ideal 2000 profile, which uses a double rubber gasket that compresses when sashes are closed, eliminating any and all air leakage.


This extraordinary level of design and engineering provides protection against loud noise, draughts, dust, and - crucially in the New Zealand climate - moisture and water damage. The performance of the double-glazed window unit can be optimised by upgrading to Low Emission glass and filling the unit with Argon gas. The gas itself reduces heat loss by limiting convection inside the available air space.


The non-flammable nature of Argon complements the safety considerations put into the overall design, with uPVC not only having a remarkably high ignition point of 400 degrees Celsius, but also renowned as a fire-retardant material.


This level of safety also extends into the environmentally friendly, eco-aware design of uPVC windows and fittings, where potentially harmful materials such as lead are replaced with calcium-zinc stabilisers for heat management, and rutile-grade titanium dioxide to aid in UV protection - testing to meet the demands of severe climates and high level of UV exposure such as is present in New Zealand.


If you’re concerned about the health of your home in the coming winter months, why not consider the benefits of installing uPVC windows in Auckland? To learn more about uPVC windows, you can visit the new Eco Auckland site at or call the office on 09 973 0610 to speak to one of their helpful team.