Want To Learn From The Top Fashion Icons of 2018?

Sunday 28 April 2019, 11:26PM
By CSI Systems Ltd

Number 5: Blake Lively

Once mocked on twitter for her constant love of matching suits, she quipped back with a reply to the internet troll that she'd tried firing her stylist Blake Lively many times but she won't leave, much to the amusement of the world.

Blake's tall silhouette is standout in anything tailored and she knows how to wear structure with aplomb when doning a suit. Not one to easily emulate on a daily basis, Blake Lively is definitely one to watch with admiration and amazement.

What can we learn from Blake?

Own your style personality. And don’t listen to any voices that are negative.


Number 4: Sarah Paulson

As a fashion chameleon she has a natural eye, and isn't afraid to change up her style with her long time stylist Karla Welch always finding the right mix of polished and haphazard, keeping Sarah always looking on-point whether it be red-carpet chic or off duty du jour!

What can we learn from Sarah?

Change it up and keep it fresh! Go short, go long, go blonde, go brunette. Go rock star, go country, Whatever you do, own it and rock it.


Number 3: Christine Centenera

She was reported by The Daily Mail to being paid a cool $1 Million to style celebrity heavyweight Kim Khardashian. Her individual contemporary style of slick and up-to-date high-end pieces keeping her at the forefront of her peers.

Preferring to wear a stand-out shoe or single item are the centrepiece of her lookis her signature which often sees her street-style snapped at Fashion Weeks around the world.

What can we learn from Christine?

Make one item the stand-out piece, keeping the rest of your outfit simplistic and structural.


Number 2: Olivia Palermo

This one-time reality TV star was thrown into the stratosphere due to her vehement taste for fashion and style while creating trends on her own. Olivia's inspiring overall appearance balances between wearable pieces that are a mix of designer and high-street brands such as Zara and H&M while looking polished.

What can we learn from Olivia?

Mix up your High Street prints and designer gear and don't be afraid to push your own fashion boundaries.


Fashion Icon Number 1: Meghan Markle

Although she's always on the mark, the Duchess of Sussex is also conscious of the continuous string of events she has to attend and is often celebrated for re-wearing her clothes sustainably just like her much admired sister in law, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

So what can we learn from Meghan?

Invest in good quality staples such as trench coats, pencil skirts, denim and classic heels that you can re-vist season after season.

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