Dave Clark Design's New Additions to the Team

Tuesday 30 April 2019, 6:48PM
By Beckie Wright

It’s no secret that Dave Clark Design, like all top design agencies, are constantly on the hunt for talented new recruits to add to their team. Over the past few months, they’ve been exceptionally busy hiring some excellent new staff members to complement their international team.

Lexie Ribot: Senior Marketing Manager

Lexie had already been working on many projects with Dave Clark Design and is now working on a regular, part-time basis from Brisbane. Many people at Dave Clark Design have already met and worked with Lexie. She has been instrumental in helping set up their neophyte marketing team on a project basis previously.

Lexie has a distinguished career working both agency and client side in Australia and New Zealand. Lexie’s role at Dave Clark Design will be primarily marketing support: overseeing the implementation of marketing strategy, RFPs and special projects. Lexie is based in Brisbane and is working two days a week for DCD.

Reuben Barrett: Marketing Coordinator

Reuben has joined Dave Clark Design from an architectural firm with five studios in Australia and New Zealand. He brings a wealth of knowledge on social media, content creation and even RFPs. He is to be based in Dave Clark’s Auckland studio. Reuben originally studied and worked in Graphic Design before jumping over to Marketing, so he will be right at home in Dave Clark Design.

Luis Macedo: Design Director

Luis Macedo started working in DCD’s Melbourne studio on the 14th of January as the Melbourne Studio Design Director. Luis has been running creative teams and producing award winning creative work for many years in Melbourne. He worked at the Australian Council for Educational Research from 2010 to 2018.  Luis also has a background in Human Centred Design and a good digital focus.

Hiring these new recruits does not mean Dave Clark Design is complete, however. They are always on the lookout for down-to-earth, talented people to join their social and collaborative team.

If you think a career at Dave Clark Design sounds like something that suits you, find out more and get in touch about working with them at